Serving the Bees in The Woodlands, TX for Over 37 Years

Let our team safely remove bees from your home or facility

The Woodlands, TX is known for its abundance of recreation centers, parks and bike trails. With so much greenery also comes a large population of bees. If bees have made their way into your home or commercial facility, call The Honey Bee Rescuers. Our team will safely transfer the bees and their hive to another location, so they can thrive and pollinate the plants.

You can learn more about how we help the people and bees of The Woodlands, TX by calling 936-525-9143 now.

4 signs you need to call The Honey Bee Rescuers

Do you think bees have infested your property? We'll let you know for sure when you schedule a visit. You may need to contact our team if:

  1. You hear humming or buzzing sounds inside your home
  2. There are dark stains on your walls
  3. There is an increase in bee activity around your yard
  4. You spotted a beehive near your home
We'll take care of the bees in no time. Reach out to us now to have our team visit your property in The Woodlands, TX.