Don't Let Honey Bees Take Over Your Property

Rely on us for safe and effective relocation throughout Cypress, TX

Cypress, TX is an urban area known for its suburbs. Locals and tourists can enjoy live music, plenty of shopping and an abundance of nearby outdoor activities. The area also has mild to hot weather year-round, making it the perfect environment for honey bees to thrive. Honey bees have an essential role in the ecosystem. But, if you have a bee problem on your property, turn to The Honey Bee Rescuers.

Our professionals offer safe and humane honey bee capture and relocation throughout Cypress, TX. We provide quick results without harming the bees. We offer a one-year guarantee that honey bees will not return to your home or business.

Don't turn to harmful chemicals that result in killing bees needlessly. Connect with our bee enthusiasts today for bee rescue services.

Why are honey bees important?

Two things likely come to mind when you think of honey bees - delicious honey and getting stung. However, honey bees offer so much more to the Cypress, TX area and beyond. Did you know that honey bees:

  • Pollinate over $15 billion of crops annually in the United States alone?
  • Help create life-saving medicines?
  • Provide food for wildlife?
Play your part in helping the bee population thrive. Reach out to request the safe relocation of bees from your Cypress, TX property. Call 936-525-9143 to get started.