Lewis is the best in his profession!! He has removed bees from our home twice... lol...
The 1st time we called him he came out the same day took a look gave us a quote, he was back the very next day and the bees were gone and our house was back to its original state!!
The 2nd time we were lucky enough to be chosen by a hive... they moved in over my flower garden... I called Lewis... he came the next day... bees were gone and he never even left a boot print in my garden!!!
If by chance you need bees removed this is the company to call!! He rescues ?,s keeps the hives on his property and cares for them!!
Both times Lewis came to our home his work was so good a person could never tell he had to rip the siding and brick off our home to get to the bees!!! I was and still am so impressed by the craftsmanship and skill of this company!
He does not tell you one thing and do another!
He is honest, experienced, qualified and actually cares about preserving the future of the bee population!
Thanks Lewis!! Good luck!



Lewis Davis and his team were very professional, knowledgeable, as well as accommodating to our schedule. They provided an excellent and efficient service. Their compassionate approach to our bee problem was a must. I highly recommend The Honey Bee Rescuers. Thank you Lewis!



I absolutely love doing business with Lewis and his team....not only are they professional and responsive, but they understand and value the bees, making sure that they are safely removed and relocated!!! Oh yeah, did I mention his utmost honesty and integrity!!!! You cant find a better tree/bee service ANYWHERE!!!!!!!



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